Spoorthy’s Leadership Team

Leadership team is a “Core” group of members who are actively rendering their services Spoorthy’s mission. We have Executive Committe, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors who own different responsibilities for smooth functioning of our organization, projects, events and help desk. 


Executive Committee

Our executive team’s primary responsibilty is to manage strategic direction of spoorthy and to support & guidance to action teams focused various Spoorthy Projects

Board of Advisors

Our Advisory team is primarily composed of experts/ professionals who are  actively volunteering their time on Spoorthy projects by serving as eyes and ears of the organization.  They also advise on future priorities, areas of focus and adoption of new projects..



Board of Directors

Our BOD team is responsible for overseeing day to day organizational activities. Due to formal nature of this board they will meet, discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization on a periodic basis and maintain note of  decisions being made.

Adhoc Committee

Our Ad-Hoc Board is composed of professionals who are volunteering their time on special Spoorthy projects and enhance Advisory and Regional teams by filling sudden needs. They also advise on taking up special projects and conduct events.


Regional Committee

Regional Co-ordinators are first point of contacts for immediate needs to members who geographically reside in respective regions/states. They are single point of contacts to plan and manage events for their designated areas with the help of Ad-hoc board members.