Health Care Support

World is experiencing waves of COVID infections and claiming lives of people. Subsequent waves with virus mutating and becoming more infectious is causing implications beyond imagination. 

Spoorthy Health Care Efforts

Spoorthy provided extended support to families who were impacted during COVID-19 pandemic and lost breadwinners in the families.

Spoorthy is actively providing relief and recovery directly to impacted families and through other channels in form of – COVID Kits, Oxygenators, Medical Supplies and other relief packages. 

Our volunteers are actively working on the ground to identify and help most impacted families. In certain cases we are directly working with our local trustworthy partners like PURE and Think Peace in aiding their relief efforts.
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Spoorthy is providing COVID relief kits directly to effected families who are struggling to take care of their COVID infected family members


Spoorthy is actively supporting local organizations on ground providing relief efforts like Think Peace